Welcome to wonderland!

High mountains, deep fjords and fantastic northern lights make Saltdal a perfect destination.


Saltdal National Park is the perfect location for various types of events - be it courses and conferences or excursions for larger or smaller groups. Saltdal is comprised of spectacular and varied landscape where you may enjoy anything from fantastic fjord cruises, to mile-long walks in breath-taking and pristine nature. Mass tourism has not yet made its appearance here, and it is thus possible to experience silence, untouched wilderness and a rich wildlife.

We gladly tailor a program for larger and smaller groups. We have a partnership with Northern Lights International and can thus offer a whole range of activities.

The hotel

The hotel has 68 refurbished hotel rooms and 7 conference rooms and is located on the pier in Rognan.


We are committed to being a good and attentive host throughout your visit with us. We have assured the quality of all our activities, and we make sure that the logistics run smoothly. We are available 24/7 throughout the event.

We look forward to welcoming you to Rognan!